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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Installation #3

Savannah, Georgia is an inspiring city indeed. The architecture, parks, food, and people are all amazing. What struck us most was the moss! I knew Savannah was known for it, but I had no idea how prevalent it was. While visiting, we camped at Skidaway Island State Park. Here is our moss inspired installation that we built behind our campsite.
 Our limited equipment left us with just one building method: Throwing the moss

The initial idea was to create a curtain accross the creek. The moss was much harder to work with than planned. We had hoped for a more cohesive, fabric like result, but the moss was not cooperative.

From afar, Geoffrey compared the instalation to a giant sloth. How funny that later in the day we found out that a giant sloth skeleton had been discovered here and is at the Skidaway Interprative Center.

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