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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Installation #4

Gulfport, Ms has an interesting, post-disaster feel to it. This area, so dependent on the gulf shore, lost all the buildings within two blocks of the coast. Although much of the area was hit hard, most of it also seemed to rebuild except these two blocks. Similar to Detroit, an urban prarie remains on this central sight. I'm not sure if it's the land prices, the insurance prices, or just that people wisened up, but the coastline of Gulfport remains an anomolie to us. This sad reminder of Katrina and the destruction it caused inspired our fourth installation.

We could only imagine what stood here before and what might stand here in the future.

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sallyek said...

Wow, guys! This was a beautiful and moving account of your time in Gulfport. The art installations have left me with a lumpy throat and a random tear in my eye! Thank you for your contribution to the recovery of land and spirit in our coastal hamlet.